Garden City Elementary School


New Smoking Regulations

Richmond City Council has approved new regulations that will further limit

smoking and vaping in public spaces and around City properties.

Eective May 1, 2018, new regulations in Public Health Protection Bylaw

No. 6989 will include:

Denition of “smoking” or “smoke” to include

cannabis and all vapour products such as


No smoking within 9 metres of transit shelters,

transit signs, customer service areas (patios), doors,

windows and air intakes (previously 3 metres for

transit shelters and 6 metres for all other areas)

No smoking at public parks and school grounds

(e.g. beaches, trails, playgrounds, playing elds, golf

courses, docks, piers, heritage sites, public recreation

centres, arenas, swimming pools, City Hall plaza, and

other City properties that are open to the public)

= &

9 m

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The new regulations support the recommendations of local health authorities

to improve the current level of public health protection in the community. The

regulations will also increase protection of public spaces and infrastructure

Tue, 2018/05/01 - 9:43am