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Mathematics in the Richmond School District

June 2019


As the school year comes to a close, the following are some ideas to support your child’s mathematical thinking over the summer holidays:

  • Do math together as a family: play card and dice games to practice math facts, do jigsaw puzzles, play board games and strategy games such as chess, cribbage and backgammon.
  • Make mathematical connections as you are out in the community or exploring a new place: What do you notice? What do wonder? Where do you see math? Where do you notice mathematical ideas such as pattern, shape, size/scale and symmetry?
  • Estimate to help develop number sense: About how many gulls are on the logs? About how many grains of sand do you think are in this pail? About how many trees are in this park? About how many children are playing on the playground? About how steps until we get to the entrance of that building?
  • Count: Count the number of shells collected at the beach, the number of flowers in your neighbour’s rosebush, the number of ducks in the pond. For older children, practice counting quantities of things in groups, such as by 2s, 5s or 10s.
  • Cook or bake together as a family: Read and follow recipes, measure volume and weight of ingredients, double or triple recipes, measure how much time is needed to cook or bake something. 
  • Errands and shopping: Take the bus and have your child count out the coins needed to pay for the fare, prepare a budget and plan a meal together and then go shopping to purchase the items needed.


Look for the Richmond School District’s Math Play Space “popping up” at community events this summer! More information can be found here:


For more information about BC’s mathematics curriculum, visit the BC curriculum website at or talk to your child’s teacher, school administration or contact Janice Novakowski, K-12 District Teacher Consultant for Mathematics & Numeracy at


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