Garden City Elementary School


Annual Cash 4 Clothes Drive

The Garden City Parent Advisory Committee is launching our annual Cash 4 Clothes drive for 2017-2018.

What is Cash 4 Clothes?  Cash 4 Clothes is a great way to raise money for our schoolas well as to support children and adults with developmental disabilities. Over the month of January 2017, the PAC will be collecting large garbage bags of unwanted old clothes and house ware items such as blankets, linens, drapes, kitchen items and small appliances and The Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) pays the school PAC for each bag collected at the end of the Cash 4 Clothes Drive.

Here’s how you can help.

This week, we are sending home a bag from the DDA. Please fill it with your unwanted items that you wish to donate and drop your bags off at the school starting in January 2018. If you need more bags, you may ask us for more bags or you can use a large green or black garbage bag that measures approximately 36” X 26”. Please note that that a full bag is 36”x26”. The PAC will not be paid for partially filled bags.

More details to follow. 

Sun, 2017/12/10 - 2:32pm