Interests of the Students

This year to help feel students better-connected, the library started by inviting each class to share their interests, their goals, their book habits, and a word that best described them. This was done as a student survey.

With the information, Ms. Johnson created a class profile that shows, in a visual way, the class’s favourite genre, the average amount of time they spend reading independently, and their favourite activities to do in the library. With this information, Ms. Johnson plans the activities she will do with each class during each division’s library time. It also helps Ms. Johnson to choose the books to read aloud, and even which books to ‘book talk’ and highlight for students as they are picking their next great read.

With the self-describing words, Ms. Johnson created a piece of Word Art to show the special attributes of each division.

This is just one way we are helping kids feel connected to their teachers, their school, and to their own learning. It helps us all feel like we are working together and that we are safe, valued, seen, and heard.

Updated: Friday, October 29, 2021