Imagine the possibilities

Through the fall of 2021, we continued to scan our staff and students to gain hunches in finding out what excites us in our learning.  We worked with staff first to ask what they were noticing with their students learning and what they wanted to see more of in terms of a variety of tools they could use to support the engagement of learning.  Through discussions and taking surveys, teachers felt that kids wanted opportunities to work with tools that weren't common everyday items you would find in a school classroom.  Things like coding materials, art supplies, loose parts, places to self-regulate and work quietly, sound booths,  etc...  We felt that this would connect nicely to our developing "Learning Lab" that we are creating in our old computer lab. A group of teachers applied for an Innovation Grant through the district around creating Engaging Learning Spaces and are now creating a space that is response to the needs and wants of the staff and students.  A group of grade 7 leadership students were asked to brainstorm what this learning lab might look like and feel like.  They even created their own floor plans for the ideal space! 

Next steps in early January, we will find out from more of our students how their learning is going and how this newly created space might help them develop a deeper understanding of their learning.


Updated: Thursday, January 6, 2022