Our Focus


Using the Spirals of Inquiry to guide us, we have learned in the past from our students that they felt that adults in the school cared about them, and that they enjoy choosing how they like to show their learning whether it's writing, building, designing, acting, creating, etc..  In the past, we surveyed all our students and asked them to write about a time where they felt successful when they were learning.  From their past answers,  we found out that our students felt successful and happy when they were engaged in hands on learning activities while working with others. We will continue to survey students this year to check in on their thoughts.


As a staff we wanted to be responsive to our childrens' needs. So, we felt that we wanted to work as a team to make learning more engaging by planning activities that allow students to access learning from different entry points.  We would have students talk with others about what they are learning and doing.  Staff felt that the better we get to know students and their learning styles, the better we will know what will engage each child in their learning to help deepen their understanding.

THIS YEAR 2023-2024

We will continue with our  inquiry question: How can we engage our students in learning activities that enhance, deepen, and build more individual meaning in their learning that also allow students to access learning in a variety of ways.    

We are curious to see if engaging students in a variety of ways will help deepen student learning and engagement.  This will be connected to our District Strategic Plans of Equity and Inclusion and aligns closely with our Core Competencies: Creative and Critical Thinking; Positive Personal and Cultural Identity. Further, it ties into the First Peoples Principles of Learning: Learning is holistic, reflexive, reflective, experiential and relational. This is a process as " Learning involves patience and time."