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Each year, teachers, principals and parents in every school in British Columbia talk about how to enhance student learning, to make the educational experience for our students the best it can be.  We look for evidence in students' conversations, in their behaviour and attitudes, and in the many ways they represent their thinking.

At Garden City, we are a community of lifelong learners who work together to nurture an environment of cooperation, thoughtful communication, and social responsibility.  Our School Matrix, “Garden City Cares” is about C-Care, A-Accountable, R–Respectful, E–Encouraging, S-Safe. We strive to care for each other, learn and improve each day. 

Working with parents, staff and students, we aim to hear all voices in order to meet students’ learning needs and support them where they are in their learning.  Planning, teaching, discussion, reflection, asking curious questions, and adjusting are part of a constant cycle that we are working with each day so that students and teachers can move forward in the learning.  Allowing for children to work in a structure where they choose the way that best shows what they are learning and have learned is becoming an important aspect in our classrooms each day. 

We are continuing to work with the redesigned curriculum this year and will continue to delve deeper into the Big Ideas and Competencies with continued Pro d, workshops, and collaboration time with each other. Finding the best way for each child to gain knowledge, make it more meaningful, and be able to go deeper with their learning. 

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ACTION 2021-2022

Posted: Oct 8 2021

OUR PLAN FOR 2018-2019

Posted: Aug 30 2018

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